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Our Story

Hello. My name is Dr. Em, a nurse of over 30 years and holds a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree. In addition to being the formulator and creator of Dr. Em Natural Beauty products, I teach nursing classes online for a large university in the U.S. My long-term struggle with bad skin and hair and my concern for potentially harmful ingredients in skin and hair care products led me to this wonderful path of discovery and sharing. I also believe that during the lowest point in my life, inspiration and encouragement from angels seen and unseen helped propel me in this path. Additionally, my background knowledge in evidence-based practice and research has helped me to easily find out which ingredients are good for the skin and hair without the added chemicals and preservatives.  

I began my journey in creating my own skin care products during the early COVID-19 pandemic, starting with making my own hand sanitizers. It then progressed to body and facial lotions that are not only chemical-free but also kind and nourishing to my skin. I LOVE how my skin looks and feels, so I decided to make some more as gifts for family and friends. With my friends' encouragement, it evolved into a wonderful business where I am able to share with everyone the wonderful benefits of these wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients from real plants and herbs. Now many strangers have become my friends and I look forward to making more friends that share my passion.

Our body is a miracle. The many organs, tissues, cells, and the immune system are hard at work 24/7 to keep us well. But staying healthy requires hard work and intentional habits. And in many cases, our unhealthy habits and behaviors may result in poor skin and hair. YES, some of our health problems are perhaps beyond our control. But… we do have things we can control! We can control what we put IN our bodies – what we eat and drink, and what we put ON it - what we apply on our skin.

Many of us care about the kind of foods, fluids, supplements, and medicines we take. But do we care as much about our skin? Remember that our skin is the LARGEST organ in the body, occupying about 20 square feet! It can absorb everything that it is exposed to and what we put on it, including potentially toxic chemicals and preservatives that are found in many skin care and beauty products.

Perhaps we may never know all the wonderful health benefits of chemical-free skin and hair care products. But one thing we do know - we feel good when do our best to care for this one body that is entrusted to us by our Creator to nourish, nurture, and protect.


Much love, Dr. Em

"Love your skin and it will love you back"

Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding product ingredients and benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Consult with your licensed healthcare provider for medical advice.

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